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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Let the Classes Begin!

Well tomorrow is my first day of class, “All Anatomy, all the time until the end of August” and I can honestly say today has been one of my best feeling days in quite a while. I still need to chew 800 mg of ibuprofen about 4 times a day (every 6-8 hours) to stave off this nasty headache, but I’m getting used to taking pills. My main concern has been the ‘blahs’, normally I am a pretty high energy person however these last few days have been different. In addition to the photosensitivity, and sensitivity to sound, the viral infection seems to just make you feel like doing nothing. B L A H S. Friday I didn’t even leave my room and Saturday I only left to see the Condo I am purchasing, I then came back to the room and just crashed.

Today though was different. I walked around campus. I went by where we’ll have Anatomy lecture in the AM, it’s at the Veterinary school about a 10 minute walk away, and checked out some good ole fashion pick up basketball. I also was able to forage for lockers, something my 2nd year buddy Juan told me to do before classes started, and enjoyed just being out.

I spoke with my buddy Dr. Jim this AM and he told me I’d need to take the ibuprofen and expect to feel this way for about two more weeks. I guess I can do that. I also spoke to my sis today and she mentioned to not let performing below my capabilities drive me too crazy, even though I know it will ;-) I would say I feel about 70% and still have problems concentrating for ‘long’ stretches.

I’m hoping to some semblance of normalcy after about two weeks, until then I’ll just have to fight through it, while of course managing my looming insanity.


Since “Netter” is pretty much synonymous with medical anatomy I decided to try to find out more about who this guy is/was. This link seems to tell a good story.
I found the picture above on that link, it contains the caption: Dr. Netter also developed a variety of unusual medical art projects including building the seven-foot "transparent woman" for the San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition, Which depicted the menstrual process, the development and birth of a baby and the physical and sexual development of a woman.
(Image courtesy Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.)


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