Charles Senteio

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Non-Compliant Patient

I am feeling much better and I hope I will continue the slow road back. Last week I had my last day of anti-viral medication and the home health care nurse came and removed my PICC line, what a relief. I feel much better psychologically now that I am medication free. I am still quite fatigued during the day but the headaches are pretty much gone which is a real relief.

I am non-compliant for two reasons:
1) I am completely blowing off the 'alleged' clot in my left calf and haven’t taken blood thinners, nor do I intend to. I just don’t think I have or ever had a clot. I saw the results of the sonogram, heck even was checking out the screen with the technician, however I don’t think I have a clot. Also I don’t have much faith that residents who pop in and out for just a few moments about 6 days per week can/should have such long term impact on my life. Being on blood thinners would be a major inconvenience (not as much as a Pulmonary Embolism but I won’t think about that much).
2) I also have no intentions to do any follow-up with the doctor that was assigned to me. I think I’m cool with my own brain, albeit a bit traumatized, and my own network. I just never felt that the docs (including residents) really gave enough of a shit to have me go back to them. Now of course if I have a relapse or start feeling really bad I will go back, but for now I’m good with not seeing any of them again…. Until rotations and/or residency that is ;-)

The non-compliant patient is an empowered patient, and the empowered patient feels good.


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